ATM PitBull

Being an ATM company for over a decade and having the major responsibility of managing over 1000 terminals, has provided us with invaluable knowledge, experience and awareness in the ATM industry. With crime on the rise and security issues we faced over the years, we came to the conclusion that the "business hour machines" were not providing the needed protection when it came to securing our cash investment.

The pressure to secure and protect our ATM's was at an all time high. We decided that enough was enough! Having minimal security was not an option. "That was our wake up call". We knew the best way of protecting our ATM's was with an ATM alarm system. Once we came to that conclusion, we evaluated and researched many ATM alarm systems. Every ATM alarm system we tried, failed to meet our expectations. "None was tough enough."

With all of our experience and research we decided to engineer, manufacture, and analyze the performance of our own ATM alarm system. We wanted full control, and the power to let our minds create, update and develop everything in-house, with no middle man involved. This would give us the power to deal with our clients directly and the power to change and evolve when needed. We built our own manufacturing facility right here in Houston, Texas. We put together an expert team and went to work. We wanted to build, "the baddest and toughest ATM alarm system available on the market". With all that said, we proudly present...the "ATM PitBull" - an ATM alarm for the 21st century".

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