• On September 14th at Family Dollar #3735, located at 3402 N. Buckner Blvd in Dallas, Texas. Thieves drove a truck into the store smashing the front glass. They then tried to wrap a steel chain around the ATM and drive off with it. This ATM was enclosed inside a Green Box and equipped with an ATM PitBull. The thieves became frightened by the ATM PitBull alarm and left the machine behind.

    Case Number: 237540A
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  • I purchased ATM Pit Bull recently after a break in at my store. The bad guy got away this time, but I'm very confident it won't happen again. I love this alarm! It has everything I need to make me feel safe and secure. I also had a few questions regarding my cell phone set up. The customer service was very friendly and outstanding!

    Sincerly, Kerry Martin
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  • I knew I made the right choice when I purchased the ATM PitBull! My shop was broken into, and there was an attempt to smash and grab my ATM. I started receiving text messages at my home, from the ATM PitBull, so I called the cops. I was very nervous and worried. The cops got there just in time to catch the crooks. I was so excited and happy knowing the ATM PitBull worked, and my ATM was not stolen. Thanks ATM PitBull!!

    Sincerly, Sandy
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