• It is not intended that the ATM PitBull could be serviced in the field. All ATM PitBulls needing repair should be packed in the original shipping containers with all of the foam spacers and filler in place. The 12V DC fuse must be removed.  DO NOT SHIP THE ATM PITBULL WITH THE 12V DC FUSE IN PLACE!   There is no need to return the mounting plate, hardware or the accessories unless instructed to do so by the ATM PitBull support team.

    Note: Please contact the ATM PitBull support team to obtain a RMA number. Write the RMA number given to you at the bottom of your shipping label and use ground shipping only. Under no circumstances should you ship the ATM PitBull via air freight.

    We will not accept any returns without an RMA number given to you by the ATM PitBull support team.

    You can watch our video demostration if you need help packing your ATM PitBull.

    Team, PitBull
    Video Packing Guide

1.Shipping charges to the repair center are the responsibility of the ATM PitBull owner.
2.Return shipping charges will be covered by the repair center.
3There will be a $15 fee for replacement shipping containers and material.
4.Quotes for repairs of issues not covered under warranty will be provided.

The ATM PitBull support team can be contacted in the following ways:

Phone: 1 800 368-9316
Email: support@atmpitbull.com
US Mail: Use the "Ship to" address listed above.

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