Reaching a milestone in ATM security with the ATM PitBull

After years of hard work and research, we look back at our progress with our heads held high. We are greatful for the journey and the positive responses we have received for the ATM PitBull. Going foward, the ATM PitBull alarm continues to advance with the latest technology available. We now provide ATM security right here in Houston,TX and surrounding cities. We know that some of our clients already have peace of mind with their ATM PitBull installed. Without them it would be impossible to analyze performance and enhance the ATM PitBull as needed. Read one of our client's experience below and find out why you should give the ATM PitBull a go.

On September 14th, 2013 at Family Dollar 3735 located at 3402 N. Buckner Blvd in Dallas, Texas, thieves drove a truck into the store. They then tried to wrap a steel chain around the ATM and drive off with it. This ATM was enclosed inside a Green Box and equipped with an ATM PitBull. When the tilt sensors went off, the ATM PitBull was activated. The thieves became frightened by the ATM PitBull alarm's extemely loud sirens and left the machine behind. With it's built in alert system, the ATM PitBull sent out text messages to the owner, who then quickly called the police. Law enforcement responded quickly, and the only damage that occured was to the store's glass.

The ATM PitBull alarm had done it's job. It was a win for the good guys. Stories like this is why we created the ATM PitBull. We won't be able to save every ATM out there but we know the ATM PitBull is tough and smart...and it works! With it's many advanced features such as GPS tracking and SMS alert notifications, we believe the ATM PitBull is the ATM alarm for the 21st century. If you're serious about protecting your investment, then you need serious ATM security...the ATM PitBull! Don't wait until it's to late. Let us help you secure your ATM now. Join us as we continue to unleash the ATM PitBull.

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