ATM PitBull  Shipping Procedures

Before returning your ATM PitBull, please read the following information.

If you are having hardware issues with the ATM PitBull, please give us a call at 1-800-368-9316. Let us help you resolve those issues quickly. The ATM PitBull was never created with simplicity in mind. We wanted the ATM PitBull to be an extreme nightmare for potential intruders. Protecting your investment and your cash is worth the time and effort to learn this system. After learning how to operate the ATM PitBull, you can rest assured knowing that the ATM PitBull will handle the rest.

With that said, if you still need to return the ATM PitBull, then please call our tech support number at 1-800-368-9316. We will then begin the return process and you will receive an RMA number. This number will help us keep track of your return profile, and the ATM PitBull. Once you have received your RMA number, you must ship the ATM PitBull to our repair center. When we send the ATM PitBull back to you, we will cover the return shipping fee. Do not ship the ATM PitBull Alarm by air.
Please note: The ATM PitBull must be shipped using the original box and padding that it was shipped in.

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